Skeleton romance

A skeleton couple makes a gothic portrait

Roses blooming skulls surround a happy skeleton couple in this portrait. I thought this was a great graphic when I first saw it on a T-shirt. The only problem was the size. It was too small, but I loved the print and didn’t want to sell it or trash the image.

So I cut it out of the shirt and and tore the edges to make it appear like an ancient document that had deteriorated with age. Next, I glued it to an oval-shaped canvass and painted the white edges a somber grey to cover up the fabric edges. The glittery black spiders were a nice touch I found at Michael’s.

The new artwork filled an empty spot by the piano and is the perfect grim picture to hang in any haunted parlor. I’m glad I was able to save this great Halloween find. Let me know about any of your Halloween art projects, and feel free to send pictures! After all, it’s even more satisfying to create a Halloween memento yourself than purchase one that everyone else may possess.