anti bacterial bat

This bat fends off germs


Black Candy Apple. Spider Cider. Wicked Spiced Pumpkin. With names like these (and luscious scents) it’s easy to get in the Halloween cleaning spirit. Bath & Body Works offers a spine-tingling selection of Halloween goodies to stock your bath and purse with body lotion and antibacterial PocketBac products.

A bat holder conveniently tucks away the travel-sized PoctBac and supplies a loop to add to a purse or keychain — perfect for scaring away germs on the go. My favorite scent is Chocolate Chew, with a glow-in-the dark ghost on the bottle. It reminds me of a candy bowl filled with chocolate treats.

My top pick for the body lotion is the Wicked Spiced Pumpkin. I love all pumpkin aromas, but this one really tingles the nostrils with a spicy cinnamon kick.

Slatkin & Co. candleholders and new Halloween scents included a Frankenstein, pumpkin, skull and cat. Each holder is small enough to add a soft glow to a side table or nightstand. I love the cat and its purple interior. I paired this up with the purple Frosted Cupcake scent, and the spicy Pumpkin Patch in the pumpkin head.

Even the soaps performed spooktacular duties this year. One coffin shaped hand soap (when pumped) lit up with an eerie green glow. Spiderweb “costumes,” or sleeves to fit over the soaps, are an elegant choice to showcase existing Halloween-themed soaps like Marshmallow (with a black and silver spider motif) or to dress up autumn fragrances like Caramel Apple.

These aromatic treats are sure to keep me going through the Halloween season. In fact, I stocked up to keep me in the spirit all year long!

pumpkin spice lotion

A skull and cat flank Wicked Spiced Pumpkin body lotion

Halloween candles

Spiced pumpkin scents fill the air

soap costume

This Caramel Apple soap wears a Halloween spiderweb costume