Halloween floral arrangement

This old witch's boot offers an orange and black display


Something old, something black and weathered. I was looking for the perfect container for this year’s Halloween floral display and found it with this great “shoe” from Midwest CBK on amazon.com. It looks like a boot that has weathered much in the life of an active witch.

Rides on a broomstick on chilly and wet nights and exposure to the blistering heat from cauldron flames surely contributed to their antiquated state.

The understated black exterior allowed sparkling pumpkin vines and purple spiral glittery twigs from Michael’s to stand out. The arts and crafts store once again outdid themselves on Halloween florals. I found high quality black glittery maple leaves, miniature black and orange pumpkin sticks, black glittery brambles and small black ravens to stick in the center of my orange zinnia flower.

I had a blast arranging this and I can’t wait to see what Michael’s has in store next year. The next challenge will be finding that perfect container.

Share any Halloween floral arrangement tips of your own that have made Halloween special. I’d love to read your comments!