Do you like to immerse yourself in fog-shrouded cemeteries, melancholy swamps or slightly sinister carnival grounds? If so, there are plenty of these worlds to enter at Big Fish Games. I’ve been a club member for about two years and have naturally gravitated toward spooky games that could all serve as Halloween scenes. Games are mostly available for PCs, but there are also Mac versions and some games designed for iPhone and iPad.

Collector’s Editions are slightly more expensive ($19.99 or $13.99 if you are a game club member). Regular games are $9.99 and $6.99 for club members. If you fill up your monthly punch card with six purchases or two collector’s edition purchases, you are eligible for a free game that is not a collector’s edition. These editions offer bonus chapters, early access, song samples, concept art, desktop wallpaper and screen savers. Sample versions of the games are available for you to experience the game before purchasing.

I wrote down all the ghostly games I’ve played and was amazed and how many I’ve bought. Each game featured gorgeous graphics and soundtracks. My favorite will always be Return to Ravenhearst. This game’s soundtrack is performed by the Berlin Orchestra and is a separate purchase from the game. So haunting. I played it for this year’s Halloween festivities. People asked where I purchased it. They were surprised to learn that it was from a game.

Part of the fun is just looking at all the wonderful graphics. Each of these games include hidden object scenes in which you are rewarded with an item that will help you later in the investigation/game plot. Others are puzzles. Most are pretty common-sense. If you get stuck, Big Fish Games user help forum will have a game walkthough posted, and some collector’s editions come with an integrated strategy guide.

Warning: These games are addictive. You will find yourself looking for keys in trees and smoking pipes in the clouds. Some games are more challenging than others, but I have discovered an improvement in memory and attention to detail since logging a few hours at the computer — no matter which game I’ve played.

Best of all, if you’re an avid Halloween fan like me, these games offer a chance to enter paranormal situations throughout the year. Check out my links list below (screenshots, strategy guides and a video may be viewed) of favorite games and feel free to leave comments about your favorites and game experiences.