Four-legged friend gains eight for Halloween

  • March 5, 2012 9:33 pm
Spider pet costume

Rudy gazes out of his purple spider costume

Spider dog costume

Rudy attempts to walk through a black glittery spiderweb

Rudy, a Sheltie with attitude, doesn’t take kindly to silly sweaters, shoes or any kind of restrain at all, so I always try to choose a costume that is both cute and comfortable for Halloween. Last year he was a little more menacing as Count Dracula. His black satin cape flared around his shoulders and ended in a red ruby clasp. The swishing attire and growl at the front door when trick-or-treaters approached was pretty scary.

I thought this purple and black spider costume was more cute than menacing, but the black legs do cast a foreboding shadow on the floor. They also flared with life as he bounded to the door to greet guests. Other top costumes for 2011 included  a hot dog costume — perfect for Dachshunds — dinosaur, fairy and skunk.

I can’t wait to see what retailers come up with for 2012, although Rudy is not anxious to dress up anytime soon.

I’d love to hear your ideas for pet costumes or photos of your pet dressed up for Halloween.

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